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Thanks Andreas,

Did you check background processes?
No, no background processes were running (not that I know of… 🙂 ).

Did you disable power management on your MBP?
No I did not set any parameter in the energy saver menu, I kept them as default.

Does it happen at the same points in music?
No, it does not happen at the same point, it’s random… My Logic projects are not too complex, they are including only audio tracks (max 12), no plug ins, no VST…

Btw: A live gig is not the correct place to check such “complicated” setup…
Yeah, I know live gig is not the place to check setup problems :). At my last rehearsal I did not have this problem (well, after I shorten the length of the USB cable). But to me, this is not supposed to be complicated… 🙂

I will try to implement some of your suggestions during my next rehearsal.

Thank you!