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There are some rules about linking two channels together: I think it is odd# channel first, even# channel second (Ex ch 1&2, 13& 14). Don’t know if that is the reason you are having trouble.
The only reason I would link a stereo pair is so I can use one fader strip to control both left and right channels, volume mute, compression, gate etc. on the console for FOH. Saves desktop space if limited.
That having been said:

I own 6 ME-1’s and LOVE them! I do not use Dante, but seems to me if you have a stereo channel, it consists of 2 signals, L & R which take two inputs (I know, real basic stuff you already know).
Ex: If I have a stereo keyboard or two OH’s, I create a button as a group on the ME and assign the two channels of a stereo pair to it, then turn up the volume to max on both & pan them within the group to L & R. Then I name the group Keys or OH’s.
Press the assigned button, rotate for volume, play on! Seems that should work for Dante channels as well. Isn’t that what you are trying to do?