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Like Bob above, I record 14 tracks of material (and 4 empty tracks) regularly on a SanDisk extreme. The gig starts at 9PM and grinds to a halt at around 11:30 PM. I don’t normally bother to stop recording at the break around halfway through the evening.
The manual for the QU 16 does not include the SanDisk Extreme memory sticks as suitable because they were not around at the time it was written, they work perfectly. The only warning I should give is that there are plenty of fake memory sticks out there so make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. The memory sticks are so much more reliable than the bog standard hard disks which can experience problems with vibration at high acoustic sound levels experienced on stage!
One more word of caution, it is possible to snag the memory stick with your headphone lead, I route mine around the back and bring it up on the left side of the mixer to avoid messing up the recording.