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When using mechanical drives always think about power consumption. Physical drives generally require more power than flash drives. The faster they are (faster moving heads, faster spinning), the more power they require, this is simple physics. The maximum allowed 500mA on a USB 2 port isn’t that much and I have some HDDs which pull considerable more (out of spec).
While the QuDrive port can handle 500mA, trying a separate power supply for physical drives is probably a good choice.

I started to use a somewhat older WD Passport Essential on the Qu which pulls slightly above 500mA. From time to time it hardly spins up any may require a reconnect. Once its up, everything is fine…
…unless I’m waiting too long and the drive’s internal powersafe let it spin down (reconnect required to spin up again)…
Finally I’ve switched to the Extreme as well and benefit from fast enumeration, stable operation etc.

But since I saw too many USB sticks dying, I personally do important recordings on a notebook with the QuDrive performing a (downmixed) parallel recording for backup purposes.