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Thank you both for your prompt replies.

1) The previous show to this last one, I had just formatted the drive and I had no problems with recording a 2 hr multitrack show.
2) After dumping the files into my home computer, I erased them from the recording drive.
3) I did not re-format prior to the most recent show and I also added some wave files for preshow playback.
4) During set up, I noticed that the QU 24 was having a hard time recognizing the drive. One time I re-booted (because I don’t know if there is another way to get the QU to recognize the drive. If there is, please advise.) The second time, I actually replugged the USB, or jiggled it or something, but then it “saw ” the drive.
5) Near the end of set up, the 2 tk playback (wav files from the drive) just stopped in the middle of a song. When I went to investigate, the QU 24 no longer recognized the drive.)
6) All of this made me wary of being able to record the nights show, so I took the drive home to see if it was a bad cable (it wasn’t) and to see if my home computer had any trouble recognizing the drive (it didn’t.)
7) When I armed the drive to record the show it seemed to arm, but then when I pressed play I saw an error message (can’t remember what it said) it didn’t seem like the elapsed time started, but then it did after a few seconds, so I let it go.

Since I’m playing in the band and not just engineering, I had to let it go. There was no recording when I checked the files at home.

1) Either the problem is that the drive should be formatted before each session, which is OK, but I now know not to use it to play 2 tk files for Preshow/Intermission.
2) Or the drive is in fact NOT a tested drive (the knowledge base says WD 500gig My Passport, but not Ultra. Mine is a 500 gig My Passport Ultra. I’m not sure if that makes a difference)
3) Or there is something wrong with my QU 24 desk?

Based on the description of the problems above, what do you think? Unfortunately, I only have access to the desk at our monthly show, so I wanted to have an idea of how to solve the problem before the next show.

Since I did get one good recording on a freshly formatted drive, I am assuming that is the solution and not that there is a problem with the drive or the desk

Thanks for your help,