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hey all I want to say man I wish I could do what you guys do for a living. im 54 and a Drummer (please don’t hold that against me LOL) I have always been in the back ground while the sound guys sat in the crowd playing with the mixing board. about 3 years ago I got the recording bug . I have always wanted a Roland VS-2480 But settled for a VS-2400cd instead I know it was yes if anything outdated. old. big ect but I loved the thing . I gave 500.00 bucks for it and then spent another 200.00 on a UA compressor bundle the LA2A and the other one sorry the name escape’s what’s left of my mind. anyway I had it 3 months and turned it on one day and I wouldn’t record sound or playback sound anymore needless to say after spending another 100.00 shipping Roland told me it needed a main board and for 1000.00 They would fix it . NO I DONT THINK SO . I got it back and sold the fx cards and the UA stuff and got back some of my money . I still have the VS-2400 upstairs waiting for the day I buy a boat then I can use it for an anchor . after my dreams of recording on the machine of my dreams went to crap I decided to invest into some software. well I got some free software from presonus when I bought some studio monitors so I decided to check it out BINGO I was hooked the DAW was my new best friend . I went from a ZOOM r16 interface to a Personus studio live 16.0.2 I just sold the 16.0.2 so I could buy my A&H QU-16 im getting it this week . IM hooked I have been recording my band and having a blast learning all the EQ tricks and compressors delays reverbs ECT. my wife of 28 years don’t get it . I spend most of my free time watching videos and playing with my equipment . IM sick and I know it . I would give anything to be able to this sound thing fulltime Lucky you guys . I have worked in the Auto repair industry for 30+ years till 5 years ago when I Shut down a shop I owned for 7 years due to our economy falling on its face back then . Keep on rocking you guys I love reading all these post you can check out my band recordings still a bit amateurish but getting better at on the band demo page . Thanks for listening to me ramble on . Just call me a dreamer