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oh ya I am using a mac with the latest install of mavericks iMac 3.5 gh with 16 gig ram and a 1 tb hard drive I just ordered a Seagate plus it was on the list of drives that had been tested to work with the QU-16 I think it was 500 gb if it don’t work the worst case is it will become a time machine for my wife’s iMac. im glad that these usb thumb drives are cheep I will have to experiment with a couple . worst case with them is ill use them for my td-30 drum module for putting on my vex kits cant have enough vex kits LOL. I had downloaded the midi drivers from the website for the mac . I know im putting the cart in front of the horse I pick up my QU-16 probably weds but by then everything I have ordered will be here . I just don’t like needing something and it not be here . thanks I will let you know if my software jives with my hardware. until then its lots of reading the pfd manual and finding videos on YouTube thanks again