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After using the desk (QU32) in lots of various “live scenarios” and also having it in studio
I dont think you will ever get away from switching layers.
Thats what this desk is about.
There will always be some reason to switch to a different layer to check sends or do something..
What software in your DAW are you using?
I spent a lot of years using outboard gear with old ADATS… sold that.. changed lives then found myself back (many years later) with an analoge desk controling ITB !?
weird huh?
So you are the new frontier using a digital desk OTB with analoge inserts. It virtually flip!?
I use Reaper where I can direct any signal anywhere back into the desk whether it is a QU or other desk?
I use a QU16 as a midi driver to drive channels faders ITB and use the QU 16 for a sound card sometimes when I’m working with PC laptop as a sound card as I like to use soundforge and 1K multimedia valve emulation altho I have to do some serious band mixing shortly so I might bring in TLaudio for some insert stuff like you are doing.

I have looked but cant exactly replicate what you are trying to do bring-ing stereo data into the QU with out using 2 channels?

PM if you want
its good to know their are other PPL out there to comunicate with . unlike the days I remember of modifying Roland Guitar synthessisers when you had no one to ask questions about the gear and PPL thinking youre a space cadet.