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The church I do sound for has exactly what GCumbee linked to. I have the board switchable, but that is it. I make sure any volunteers who use the board know how to properly turn off the board (using many friendly reminders). You will hear a small click inside the board which I assume isolates the outputs so there is no loud pop if the system gets shut off in the incorrect order somehow. I have nothing switching the AR2412 and AR84. When I see them while the system is off, there are no lights aside from the power LED on the back. Don’t quote me on this, but I also feel like the fans shut off. I haven’t been next to the racks while the system is off in a while. We have never had an issue with phantom power pops with this setup. While I will agree with MikeShand that it is not absolutely essential to use the power down button, I would highly recommend it. That is just like shutting down a computer, and you wouldn’t just unplug a computer while it is on.