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I’m just wanting to confirm that the “Power Down” process is mainly for shutting down the internal computer within the console correctly so that any information can be saved properly and there is no issue with leaving the AR2412 powered on?

In case you are concerned (I was) it is not absolutely essential to use the power down button. If you simply cut the power no harm is done, the only difference is that when you reapply the power you will see a message to the effect that it wasn’t shut down properly. This displays for a few seconds, and then the start up continues without any user intervention.

So it is possible to have the system switched on and off simply by switching the power (in our case to both gld and 2412). This is useful for “simple” services.

I think the only downside of not using the power down button is that there is a danger that any changes you made to the surface just prior to the power down would not be saved. But of course in the above scenario, this doesn’t arise. So we recommend that the desk is powered down properly, but don’t worry if it isn’t.

We use a sequencer to delay the power amp switch on until after the desk, but I should warn you that there is a delay of a few 10s of seconds between powering up the desk and the desk being fully operational. Unfortunately, one of the last things that happens is phantom power is applied to the inputs. If you have left a fader up you will get a bang through the speakers if the power amps have already been turned on.

We are hoping for a resolution of this from A&H, but nothing yet. There’s a thread about this over on the QU forum ( it appears it HAS been fixed on the QU).

Hope this helps.