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MarkPAman has mentioned the biggest downside of using one scene per song and then evolving your technique, equipment list or playing different venues. To absolutely rely on scene-per-song you would have to have the vision of every other element saved in your board that can possibly be a factor in future changes to your setup or workflow. That being said it would not stop me from attempting it. To safeguard your self you can take a snapshot of what you have NOW before you recall a past saved scene in case the poop strikes the ventilator.

Scene recalls have made my life much easier but it also occasionally has made me look like a fool because of unexpected recall of old configurations.

For example do you always run the master fader at the exact same position for each gig? I know you can scene safe this control but changes in this single control has ramifications to the rest of the mix owing to stage wash,room echo and the vigor of the musicians. Just one example out of a zillion.