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As in my former life in the aviation technologies discipline, in audio there is a lifetime of knowledge to be gained. Unfortunately, I only have a few years to try to acquire it. Many thanks to all of you for your comments, feedback and guidance.

The musician did finally contact me before the gig. I did follow his requests, and he knows exactly what he is doing. He was using his own single AT clip on with a wireless in his pocket to a receiver on the floor into his DI … Where I picked up the signal.

Splitting the money channel to FoH and monitors makes perfect sense. Unfortunately I was already limiting drum mics because of maxed out channel count. I was thinking about the necessity of a QU24 or more for this type of gig.

I received lots of “sounds great” comments from the folks that contracted me and the band was happy, so I’m putting it in the successful gig column.

Dick, it WAS a zydeco band