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iPad 4 user here. I too find the iPad app almost unusable. I have to touch things 3 or more times and really concentrate on arriving AND staying on what I want to adjust. Sometimes I am adjusting things I had no idea how I got there. It is very inelegant. Side note; I have an iPhone, iPad Mini too, so I have a modicum of familiarity with IOS and Apple hardware.

So many things about the GLD ecosystem are crude or missing completely. The mix surface is wonderful when you can figure what you need to do. If you need to perform an action you have never done before I guess they expect you to shut down rehearsal, go home, watch hours of videos because they did not feel a manual was necessary then call everybody back. Mixers at 1/3 the price have comprehensive manuals. If I needed to do something unusual I just had to open the Y company’s well written manual, look through the index and soon I was happily adjusting my way to nirvana. A&H missed the boat when they made their built in manual unsearchable and with no index. You need to already know what you want to do, go to the correct page then see that they did in fact include it. Backwards if I have to say.

I suggest the wizards at A&H would at least allow crowd-sourcing where we can write our own procedures and post it on their site. A “sticky” section would go a long way.

So many other things are absent when I needed them. Now you got me started… But I’ll stop here.