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What is too restrictive in one church may be too permissive in another – I have a similar situation where I want the standard users to have free rein as much as possible, but not able at all to affect the setup on power-up for the really basic users (mic faders and mutes on the custom layer only). In your situation I would start by defining your objectives and, from that, laying out the process that you want your operators to follow.

During a service (live operation) your operators have no need to change the system configuration. The only thing that I have not been able to do within the Standard User is to change the configuration parameters of the Effects engines.

There are a number of tricks to enable you to lock down your processes which aren’t found in the manual – the best way is to test ideas out. I have protected the scenes used by the Basic Users by locking them out from editing by the Standard Users. Again, to make sure that the Basic users start in a guaranteed stable state when powering up, I have put a very simple password on the Standard user. No-one has had an issue with any of this, or pushed back on not having “admin” access.

However, other churches may be different. If you still have errors in your basic setup, or if your culture is to permit anyone to make up or change the rules at will, then you may well find that Admin access is still necessary.