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Hi to all,
thank you for your answers.
I will try all your suggestions tonight when I’m in the rehearsal room again.
But I don’t understand:
Stereo playback comes only with st3, correct?
I have to choose the usb input there, of course?
I think, that I did everthing right.
What about the plugging? What do you mean with that? There is nothing plugged in into ST3!!
I have already playbacked some songs from my HDD with the Qu-Drive. These songs were not recorded by myself. These were only wav-files from my computer. I heard them, no problem.
By the way, if you have a lot of songs in your playback folder, the QU16 does not recognise the HDD at all. That’s a problem, too.

I really love my QU16 but the playback section is really a problem.

I will check more facts tonight. (German time ;-))