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yes, referred page in the manual changed from 57 to 59, not the functionality…
Did I understand right, that you’re using the QuDrive for live recording 18 tracks. Then, after the gig, you playback from the QuDrive and want to grab the LR mix from the multichannel recording via USB?

If you didn’t change the routing for USB Audio yet, you should have the original LR on channels 17&18, correct?

Easiest way to get those two tracks into your PC would be to just copy them from the QuDrive…

If you want to perform a mix from that recording on the Qu and then record the LR (still assuming default routes to 17&18), you have to pick streams 17&18 from the Qu inside your DAW.

If you’re still using Audacity and therefore stuck to the first pair of Qu streams, you’ll need to change the USB Routing on the desk for the first two to “LR L/R” instead of “CH1/2”. But remember to switch them back to “CH1/2″ when recording your next gig (or go for a 1:”LR L” 2:”LR R” 3:”CH1″ 4:”CH2″ etc. order)…