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To be frank, I’m also thinking about mixing. For live such small numbers are perfectly fine, but when it comes to recordings and using this board for creative mixes even small amounts start to make me weary.
The 16 was marketed not only for live use, but for installation & studio as well. I am trying to determine if despite of what A&H claims this board can be useful in a small studio.
So far I’m starting to think that for a “full featured” board one has to step up to the Qu24 or 32. No, I’m not saying that the Qu 16 is a child’s toy. It’s a great ‘little’ board, but there are limitations that bum me out. I feel I should have stepped up and gotten something less… lmitating. Turns out I use subgroups more than I thought.
My only hope is A&H decides to provide is with a patch that would allow for stereo mixes to be internally route-able to the LR.

Thanks for reading my rant. I’m sorry if I sound too needy.