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I couldn’t resist to add some tech-talk hopefully not feeding any confusion regarding latency within the Qu. The observed values are pretty good and could be ignored for normal use of the desk!

Just for the sake of curiosity I just measured what we’re talking about (and since the specified 1.2mSec did not make much sense to me in terms of efficient sample processing), check out the picture in the attachment.
Setup was rather easy:
Mic at Ch1, Ch1 routed to Mix1 and Mix2, External loopback from Mix1 to Ch2, Ch2 routed to Mix2 as well.
Four tracks were recorded, Ch1 input, Mix1 send (to outgear), Ch2 input (loopback return) and Mix2 send (mixdown).
From this simple test, external route takes exactly 64 samples resp. 1.33mSec (64/48, not expressible in mSec at all..).
Interestingly there is an additional internal processing delay of 23 samples between Ch1 and Mix1 sends, if anyone ever need to record the same channel via direct out and mix/group, this must be taken into account inside the DAW (moving either track)….

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