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Hi Andreas
This temporary studio system has worked flawlessly for 2 days now.
Its a very fast way to work! and I can save the QU presets to a scene and then to a master folder later, where of course on the GSR24 its an analog/fire-wire board so you need to take a pics and document the desk setup.

The issue I have found is having to flip back to that lower mode to make EQ tweaks “per channel within the QU.

Now if the QU could do QU tweaks within the midi “custom layer” [all assigned from 1/1 through to say 24/24] this would be a very very good system.
So I’m really talking ITB tracking here.
And then of course you could either mix the song ITB (and out through Reaper’s digital return) or bring it back into the QU for further processing within the QU
I guess some might call that OTB although there no is analog equipment involved.
although I guess you could always put a processing unit on the main QU outputs and capture to another device?
Generally, Once in digital I like to stay in digital.
Anyhow … thought I would keep you up to date.

PS have you used soundforge for mac…?
I have used it since the beginning but only on PC!


dave NZ