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Hello I have a similar question. forgive me, for I’m very new to digital consoles and the lingo.
I mix sound for a party band that plays along to stereo track and click. after Im finished editing the track along with click in Logic, I then play the three tracks (left, right, click) and record them to the Qu-Drive… Im sure there is an easier less time consuming way to do this.. but
now that I have the entire set list recorded to the Qu-Drive, Im trying to relabel each song. I know that when you record to the Qu-Drive it allocates a folder name “QU-MTnnn”. so my questions is: How do I relabel the songs so I’m not looking at a bunch of numbers? Ive tried changing the multitrack folder name, but the Qu-drive only recognizes the the allocated name.
Also, you said, “Qu-16 expects all 18 files to be present in the multitrack folder, and all of the same size. If you are using less than 18, create dummy tracks by duplicating and renaming your files”.
Again, forgive my ignorance but how do i do that?
the user manual gives no clear instruction on that.