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Sorry to ruin your joy eotsskleet, but I am probably the youngest at age 20. I started sound and lights as a freshman in high school. Since then, I have jumped on any chance to do any sort of sound or lighting. I started recorded high school bands on a cheap Behringer. After high school, I started working at a local sound company. I now continue working there doing sound and lights along with doing sound at a high school. The first Allen and Heath I saw was the GL 3300 at that high school. It’s still rock solid. I then returned to the high school that I graduated from and found that they upgraded the old Behringer to an iLive. Thats when I started focusing on Allen and Heath. Ive mixed on Soundcraft Si series, Yamaha LS9, M7, CL5, a Midas Pro 2, an Avid Venue SC48, Behringer x32, other random analog boards, and of course the Qu, GLD and iLive. So far, I absolutely love the Allen and Heath mixers. They are probably my favorite boards that I have used due to their simplicity and features. That is why I chose the GLD for the church I am currently doing sound for. I have recommended Allen and Heath mixers to churches and schools because they are excellent “beginner” digital boards that have so much power behind them. They can easily be taught to the students or some volunteers at schools or churches.

I’m really glad that Bob started this thread. It is really awesome to “meet” a lot of the people on these forums.