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In the QU custom layer with all faders set to midi to control Reapers faders.. The QU EQ has no effect going to Reaper tracking. I have to switch back to lower Layer which is the analog into QU (to tweak EQ) of course.
I am [within this particular studio job] mixing (ITB)in the box and so bringing the digital return from the Reaper Master back into channels 31/32.
On my QU Lower layer I have all FOH turned off except for channels 31/32 and so that’s how I am monitoring (ITB) in the box mixing.

When in the ‘custom layer’ [Reaper tracking channels mapped to midi channels] you can not select (with the green select button) the QU lower layer (analog in) channel (to do QU EQ processing) as you are controlling the Reaper channel

anyhow it is all working and I can live with having to flip to the lower layer to adjust EQ