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Hi tophfro

Yes, you need a network connection to the ME-U. In the ME-U setup page, you can then select your master rack from a list of discovered racks. The ME-U then periodically interrogates the mix rack, to retrieve the names of the channels being sent to it. This is required because the ACE protocol that you are connecting the ME-U with, does not transmit naming information.

Another possibility is that you could have an actual ACE card fitted to the ME-U (instead of the ME-D that is included with the ME-U). In this case, you can use a ‘jumper’ in the same way as you have for the mix racks, to connect the ME-U to the network. This would mean only one cable going to the ME-U, but you would have had to have bought an ACE card for the ME-U.


– Jeff, A&H