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Hi Robbo,
I love the Qu24 but the Mackie DL32R has the QuPac blown away for at leat one reason…
the Master Fader app.

The QuPad app is horrible. It does work though, but until it gets a way to color the tracks for quick navigation and MANY other improvements, I feel sorry for QuPac owners. And you can still only use one iPad with the QuPad app. The Mackie Master Fader app leaves EVERYTHING in the dust as far as I am concerned.

I love Allen & Heath but the truth is the truth about the app.

I bought the Qu24 for the console with real knobs and faders for concerts. While the iPad does the job perfectly well,…
for a concert it is nice to have a real “FOH”, on the other hand, nothing beats an iPad controlled system for wedding receptions and many other jobs. NO MORE SNAKE AND RACKS OF GEAR,,,
I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am blessed to have the best of both worlds!