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Been “doing” sound for over 30 years now. Always had at least one live music project going on, and for over half that time, it’s been my main source of income. I’ve been house engineer, touring as system engineer, touring band’s engineer, as well as working for an install company. These days, I work in a support role in a college, and run a small PA of my own for all sorts of local events.

In the last 6 years I’ve owned a Mix Wiz (nice), and Soundcraft EPM (useful for very small stuff & I’ve still got it), then a Roland M380 – nice desk, but was quickly outdated when the M300 came out & multitrack recording was going to cost £1000s extra to add so I got.., Personus StudioLive – I was wrong to think motorised faders were not needed so then I got rid of those two and was a very early adopter of the Qu-16.
I think I will replace the EMP with a Ui as soon as they’re available.