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Well about 40+yrs in the business in one way or another. From being a young musician to later being in a group with major record deal. No success. Got out got into technical side based on what I studied in college. Radio/TV. Got into recording which I had done in the band days. Then into TV as a producer/director. Still doing audio as a hobby. Then built a pro studio in late 70’s. Ran it and did free lance national touring. Major concerts, TV show audio. Did sound for Popes to Presidents and about everything you can imagine. Moved studio operations to Nashville in late 90’s. Bought an existing well known studio. Have recorded and mixed 1000’s of songs for artists all over world. Recorded everything from vocal/guitar to large orchestras and choirs. I still own it but leased to Dolly Parton band leader and producer. Dolly has done 3 albums there in last 3 years. Sang on one of my Neumanns. Back at my home in KY doing system integration work. Dealer for many A/V products including A&H. Do all kinds of installations. Mainly churches. Doing sound, TV systems, lighting and acoustics. In my later years still eat, breathe and sleep the business. Still love it.
I do find a little time to fly my airplanes. I have 2. That is my escape when I need it. Just go out buzzing around or a short trip for breakfast.
Been married to same woman for almost 45yrs. 2 daughters and 2 adorable grandchildren. I feel very blessed especially to work at something that is a passion.