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An ME-16 would be fun, but at that range I suspect that Qu-You and a headphone amp is a more appropriate solution.

Personal monitors can be a hindrance rather than a help, particularly with inexperienced musicians*. For many setups there are enough mix outputs to provide monitoring – if you are short by one or two mixes, then get an ME-1 for the drummer and/or keys player – nice static positions, which can be mostly preconfigured. I could even suggest looking at using an ME-1 to provide the loop/foyer/… feeds, which are truly static – allowing the band to all use “the same”.

I *like* the Qu-You option, since you can set each iDevice, lock it to a specific mix and then *continue to help* the user – because I can still edit that mix, whilst they are on it, and I can listen over PAFL. They get ME-1’s and that’s it, they are on their own, the only one with control – certainly not something I want putting out to wedges, and something many musicians will struggle to configure from scratch.

One thing that I have noticed is that there is a quality of in ear mix that musicians *think* they want, and one they will accept if you get above it early enough (basically straight away). That level is much lower, but if you are below it to start then that level drifts up and up, they get fussier and fussier, and concentrate on the in ear mix more than on playing.

* Such as those found in a church – talented, but on the whole not professional.