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Wing2015: This should help you:

John: You are correct, the Qu-You app is only for the Qu series. But there is an GLD One mix app that is available for $4.99, and an iLive One mix app that is available for purchase as well. iPads are cheap used as well.

If Allen and Heath was to redesign the ME-1 for 16 channels only, all they would do is limit it to 16 sources. The price wouldn’t be able to come down much as it would be the same hardware, just limited to 16 channels through software. There is no need for them to put the R&D into something that they already have.

With the Behringer 32ch. mixer and Powerplay system, you are limited to 16 channels. What happens if you have an event/show/whatever that wants more. That is why the ME-1 is there. It is fully capable with the entire Qu and GLD systems (meaning it works with every single channel. 40 of the 48 on the GLD, but close enough). You are paying for not only the quality of Allen and Heath, but the functionality of it.