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I am familiar with the ME-1 as I own four of them to go with my GLD80. The Ipod/Iphone app is not available for the GLD series or I-Live if I recall.

My IEM mixer request is designed to keep A&H in the game. They chose the price point of the FOH mixers they wanted to compete in. They originally had more expensive digital mixers and now they have cheaper digital mixers. To design a budget priced IEM mixer won’t hake much as they already have a framework with the ME-1s. The R and D had been done on special semiconductors and software.

I will cut to the chase. Using Sweetwater’s web prices. Comparing a system with a 32 ch FOH mixer, six IEM mixers and requisite POE CAT5 distributer, The prices are $9100 -vs- $4590. I have heard the price/quality argument often. But for the difference in price you can buy a lot of spares. Further, in any situation you will use EITHER of these systems you will not be able to hear a difference in the final product I assure you.

I purchased the GLD80 because it did a few tricks I needed to do that no cheaper mixer did. Starting over by selling and repurchasing would now be counterproductive. I assume if they came out with a ME-2 it would be compatible (to a point) with the ME-1s I own. At least able to use the first 16 or so channels of my IEM digital stream.

With respect I ask, please frame your rebuttals to your actual experience or hard $$$ numbers. I prefer not to spend effort belaboring opinions. I guess I am a bit of a curmudgeon set in my ways. But, I’ll respectfully keep banging my drum and hopefully someone in Great Britain shall hear me. Hello over there…