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I would be willing to bet a dozen donuts Allen & Heath is furiously working on a personal monitor mixer to compete with the P16M. One of the biggest hold backs from people buying a QU is when they consider the price of the IEM mixers. A&H ME-1s are three times the price and the distributor is about five times the price. Many people do not need the features of the ME-1 when coupled to a budget mixer. It just seems if they want to compete with the Behringer ecosystem they have to play in the same budget priced league and make other gear compatible. I would buy some even if I could only utilize the first 16 channels from my digital monitor feed. My GLD80 could assign the 16 most important channels to the monitor snake and make do. I realize the P16Ms are disposable but I can buy spares.

If a new IEM mixer is not in the cards at least let us have an AES50 compatible interface for feeding the monitor bus. Isn’t AES50 an open standard free from royalties? I may be wrong on this but wasn’t it invented by Sony and then made public domain?

Please A&H, I have been banging on this concept for years. Come on already. The prices of the your mixers have dropped twice since I purchased. Now, similar personal monitor mixers to match in P16 price will help sell the rest of the gear in that budget A&H range. Stay in the game please. Help me leverage what I already bought with cheaper IEM mixers.

Thanks for letting me vent.