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XAPBob posted…”That’s what I expected, but I’d have called that raising the threshold.”

you are of course correct πŸ™‚
describing compression and other technical things concerning sound in text is not always clear to those who want to know and learn more.

avBen1, your post made my day, thank you!

MarkPAman, good, important information, since I did not go into full details about what happens when feedback occurs in monitors as a compressor “releases” the level at the end of a vocal phrase when too much compression is used. Good point to bring up. Talk about a runon sentance Dan πŸ˜‰

Yes, raising the “threshold of pain” would reduce the compression. My experience with some musicians who “think” they know audio, is that they say just the opposite of what they really meant. Ray Charles most likely INDEED said…
“lower the threshold or take it out”. I doubt GCumbee was confused with Ray’s terminology but instead automatically went into Auto Musician Interpretation mode, otherwise known as AMI,,, hey, I just made a funny … he he.

The word “engineer” in this forum is usually understood as the person operating the sound, not the person/s designing the mixer or sound equipment that we use.

This next somewhat off topic discussion is just me venting…

Something that has aggravated me for years every timne I think about it, so, just for fun I am going to list some things that have always ticked me off, some of you will say … EXACTLY!

The idiot “engineer” that decided to call a low filter a “high pass filter”,
and the same idiot that decided to call a high filter a “low pass filter”.
I understand HIS perspective, HPF (passes highs, cuts lows) and LPF (passes lows, cuts highs)
but in all of his wisdom and knowledge (or lack thereof) he had no clue that it would be confusing to many users.

The little MUTE switch on a wireless mic with it’s silk-screening words next to it…. ON/OFF
The preacher, actor will look to make sure his/her mic is “ON” just before going on stage, where is the rolling eyes smiley? Why can’t these wireless manufacturers get it in their heads that the sound guy is not the one changing that switch? Why can’t they just change the word “MUTE” to ‘MIC” and have the words “OFF” on one side, and “ON” on the other? GEEZ!

Again, engineers who want to save the manufacturer money by just “mirroring” the right channel printed circuit board (PCB), instead of designing the unit properly, so that one of the XLR connectors is not upside down. I once saw a chinese power amp that had Speakon outputs, and they were so close to each other that once you plugged a speakon cable into both channels, you had to get a skinny screwdriver for the release tab on the bottom speakon plug. OH MY WORD!

There are many more I could mention, but in the interest of not sounding like a complete jerk, I will digress πŸ™‚

oh yeah,
inkjet printers