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It rather depends on what speakers (and amps/processors) you have and what room you have…

I can’t quite see in the GL2200 manual what those two faders are, but I suspect Group Masters

We use a Roland M300 – and although that displays LCR on the output we actually run in Mono (IIRC from the “left” output) – this is then fed through a processor which supplies a pair of amps with three signals:
– Low Pass Filter for the Sub
– High Pass for the Left hand cluster
– High Pass for the Right hand cluster (The amp is turned up a notch further on this to compensate for the additional cable length)

We also have the option of running the same High Pass output to the fourth channel (with a 15′ delay) in the amps to provide an infill speaker for one area of the room, but we’re waiting to see if that is really needed at the moment.

Just because the Mixer can supply LCR, it doesn’t mean you’re using it – and even if you are set to use it it doesn’t mean that you are using it effectively…

I have a strong suspicion that you’re not likely to be using LCR effectively – mostly based on your description of it’s setup by volunteers, and my limited experience in working things like that out.
It is worth figuring out what you have wired up where, what speakers are covering which seats etc.
Then work out what you want people to hear.
I suspect that the outputs are basically seeing the same signal, and allowing for “on the fly” balancing, which isn’t usually a good thing….

I’d also recommend talking to some of your congregants who use the loop system. Ask them what they want/need to hear. Their hearing is (by definition) not very good, so they probably want more lead vocal and a single lead instrument – they can’t pick out the rest anyway, so it just makes for a muddy sound. This is a fairly sweeping statement, but talking to a number of loop users I do the following by default:
– Post Fade Mix, with the speech mics, video feed, CD/MP3 feed all at unity.
– Lead vocal the same
– Lead instrument the same
– NO FX, it just makes it harder to hear what is happening. These are not the most musically discerning people in the room, they get better intelligibility from the dry signal, allowing them to worship with you.
– Backing vocalists, somewhat lower, only if they carry the tune, and particularly if the lead vocalist has a tendency to just wander off their mic.