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Bob, thanks for the effort to respond to my question. The idea is that I use the 16 tracks for final mixing after the performance on the Qu-16. The FX1 en FX2 returns were up. The FX1 and FX2 could be heard over the headphone plugged in into the QU-16 I was using during my mixing activities and the headphone is getting louder when using the L / R fader so I assume that what I hear over the headphone is the same as the L / R channels as long as there is no PAFL button touched.

So what I’m aiming for is to simply record L in channel 1 of Audacity and R in L in channel 2. For now I miss Fx1 and Fx2 in the L /R recording and I have to record 18 tracks to get channel 17 and 18.