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@markpaman Agreed – although I’m still unclear what problem the OP is trying to solve.

It’s clear that they are running in the typical, but less than ideal, position of trying to mix FOH whilst they play and sing at the same time…

What I’m not clear about is what they are trying to achieve, muting FOH is pretty drastic in most cases.
If the OP wants to be able to talk over in ears without being heard by the audience then a whisper mic might be an idea – just a second mic (even a cheap lapel mic) with a mute switch – allows you to talk away from the main mic and route it just to the in ears of your band members.

Otherwise I would say that routing to FOH via a group would give an easy mute position without muting individual channels, but I guess you’re on a QU16

You might be able to do something similar if you have spare output mixes, just feed from a mix back into another channel (or a ST) and then you can mute that whilst having the original channel still sent to mixes.

Or – and I don’t know if this is possible – routing your vox to an FX unit in the same manner, but with virtually no FX applied (I don’t know if a zero ms delay can be dialled in, or how hidden the reverb can be) This is where I’d like to see a “blank” FX unit – I can’t imagine that copying the input directly to the output would be significant amount of DSP compared with generating some of the FX available 😉

With a better idea of the issue being faced maybe better solutions can be suggested.