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Yes, I’m thinking of BTX class case, with acoustic padding on the panels.

Large fans are quieter than small ones, passive cooling is obviously better where it can be managed. A closed loop water cooled CPU allow the CPU heat to be deal with by a single large fan and the heat not left in the case at all – these are becoming more and more mainstream nowadays (far more so than when I used to do water cooling).

Frankly most halfway decent CPUs, chipsets and memory will be ample in terms of compute power nowadays (I feel like I’ve been saying that for a while now), so I’d be looking for “behind the bleeding edge” components (in terms of value) from suppliers with a reputation for stability – so Intel chipsets rather than VIA, Matrox graphics etc etc.
Get decent monitors, I’d go for full HD IPS at the moment, a couple of them at least (but then I have a passively cooled quad DVI output Matrox card which I’d press into service).
Get decent monitors, the audio kind, to run from the QU.

You need good USB for the QU, it might be worth putting some cash down for a discrete USB card, but I’d put that on the “possible upgrade path” rather than the starting line up. A decent chipset should handle the QU happily – although you might want to note which ports are sharing bandwidth on the back.

By far the slowest component of a rig will be the storage. An SSD for the OS and software is pretty standard nowadays, you’ll also want some decent speed storage for large audio files – that could be another (or the same) SSD, or it could be some high speed spinning disks. The issue with high speed disks is that the DAW is going to be reading/writing many files at a time, and that is where spinning rust can struggle (although it’s perfectly good enough if you get a 7200rpm or more 3.5″ disk, I’d steer away from 5400 or 2.5″). Additionally more spinning disks = more noise.
I’d be tempted to get a large (possibly external) rust based HDD for bulk storage, and move files onto a SSD for working.

Backups are the other thing to consider…