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Obviously muting the LR bus will mute your FOH but keep monitors going. Muting individual sends to LR is possible but more difficult.

One way is to just assign/un-assign channels from LR (choose LR on the RHS of the console, press and hold the assign button on the LHS of the console, press the SEL buttons on individual channels so they dim to un-assign them.) If you’re going to be un-assigning/re-assigning the same group of channels all the time, you could set up a couple of scenes and have their recall on the softkeys to automate this process.

Another option would be to use your mixes as subgroups and come back in on spare channels. Then you could just mute these mix masters or spare input channels. The above two options only work well if you’re quick about assigning/un-assigning, and if you’re doing the same group of channels all the time.

A final option would be to run your mains off the pafl bus. Set up your pafl bus as follows (p50 of the manual.) Additive: on, Sel follows pafl: off, pafl follows mix: off, LR to pafl: off, input AFL: on. Run your mains off the pafl sockets. PAFL every channel you want in the mains. When you don’t want a channel in the mains, un-pafl it. This way you essentially get dedicated buttons for every fader to assign that channel to mains. The downside to this that you can’t use the pafl bus for its traditional purpose (though you could use spare mixes or even LR as a substitute for the traditional PAFL via the assign/unassign method.)