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The church I do sound for is about to do the exact same thing. After watching videos, they say that any standard POE switch will do fine. The ME-U seems like it is more designed to get the ME-1 units to work with other networks such as Dante, plus it has Ethercon connections which seem more professional.

I was looking at this switch to save money. It costs around $300 depending on where you get it.

It gives me 16 ports to work with, 30 watts per port, and a total budget of 250 watts. The specs that I have seen of the ME-1 mixers say that they use 13 watts each. Say they were 15 watts, 15 watts * 8 units = 120 total wattage. So there is plenty of power to go around. Plus it is rack mountable. That is always a plus.

Unless I am completely wrong and none of this is going to work. Which if that is true, someone should let us know before we break expensive stuff.

Mervaka is correct though. If budget is a real issue (as I have seen at some churches), then using the individual power supplies and daisy chaining the units together with cat5e is the best way to go. You wont need any extra hardware. Though if an extra $300 is in the budget and that switch will work, then it is a great way to clean up the stage so you dont have a lot of power adapters running all over the place.