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Chances are you’re setting your channel input gain too high. This often happens when switching from analog to digital with the change in metering from dbvu to dbfs. Your input gain should be metering around -18 dbfs as opposed to a typical analog setting of 0 on the meter when soloed/PFL’d. This is where to start.

Beyond that you just need to make sure you have not applied excessive make-up gain to any dynamic processing. Here’s a quote from page 20 of the user manual:

“Pk – Lights red to warn that the signal is too hot and gain or trim should be reduced. It turns on 3dB before clipping to warn you before audible distortion. Pk senses the signal at several points within the channel.”

The several points are input gain and/or dynamics processors…gate, comp, FX etc. The metering on the touch screen will be easiest to use as it changes from green to yellow when the gain is too high.