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I agree that speaker management should be outside the console. If it’s in the console and the console glitches, or you recall a scene badly/don’t have the right things safed, that can be very bad for your speakers (and potentially the audience too.) Also, if it’s outside the console and you need to send your console away for repairs and the replacement console you get isn’t a Qu, you don’t have dial in your XO settings again.

If you do want to your the Qu for processing, then you’ve got the peq and the geq on each output to try to shape the sound you want.

Aux fed subs can mean you get a cleaner sound, more amp headroom etc, but it can require more equipment and have more cost (depending on what gear you’ve already got.) If you’ve got volunteers doing sound, it’s one more thing for them to learn (and another place for things to go wrong.) It can also make using groups difficult. Using a normal full-range stereo output is often cheaper and simpler. Whether you do use aux fed subs or a full range output, I’d still strongly recommend that your speaker managment stays separate from the console.