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Thanks xapbob. That’s exactly my point. Anyways. I’m not going to go with flame wars for iOS or Android. Boths systems are ok and have their users.

It is not a must requirement and I would never buy a console based on the criteria if it provides Andorid support or not. There are many factors which are far more important than app support. But if it has support for the OS I’m using it is an additional argument to buy it. That’s why I asked to implement QU-You Android by myself because my band members would like to have it (it is a cool feature).

@Pfr: I cannot confirm your experience. Many of our customers do their Android apps first and afterwards iOS because the market for Android is much bigger. Depends maybe on the app and the region, check to see a nice overview. Also we never had such issues as you are telling. If you have a good technical base you don’t care if your apps run on 10 or 100 or 1000 different Android devices because they just run. This if you don’t need all the fancy stuff you can do in Android or need to support Android 2.x but that’s the same for older iOS versions. And the costs are not really 50:50 it’s more like 70% for the first OS and 30% for the other.

Anyways. There is no spec and therefore no app made by myself.