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Manual Page 19:

Copy channel processing – Hold down the Copy key and press a channel Sel key to copy its processing settings. Then hold down the Paste key and press one or more Sel keys to instantly paste those settings to other channels.

So it is explicitly the processing, not the mix sends, routing or source/preamp.

I wonder if “copy”&”processing” is a better combination for the current operation (to be married with “copy”&”routing”, and “copy”&”preamp”) and have “copy”&”channel select” be an overall copy – I’m moving this input…

Looking at sections 6.8 and 6.9 the images both have the same screen contents, but one has the processing lamp lit and on the routing lamp. Photoshopping images for the manual A&H ? 😉 Of course you are, but this pair seems a little incongruous.