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Thanks Bob, that would be the best way to do it, to have the two desks in my studio for a while.

Thanks Andreas, totally agree that it is a total different story … I was just wondering if somebody else went down that path, switching from analog to digital considering sound quality.

I will try to see if I can borrow a QU series from a local shop and already do a comparison with the mackie …

The only thing I dont like with the mackie is that when it is full of channels, the mix tends to become harsh … I tried a GS3000 for a week and found that the same mix sounded totally different, so that is why I was thinking of the GS-R24M (as the GS3000 workflow was not good for me ==> two set of faders per channel).

I am wondering if I am in a “resistance to change” phase or just worried about sound quality 🙂 I will be 45 in a few months and maybe I become “rigid” 🙂 lol

Anyway, thanks all for your answers!