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Nicola A&H

iLive has a configurable DSP with 30 busses and 32 Mix Outputs. If you have 16 mono Auxes for AVIOM, plus LR, you should have some busses available for 2 or more Stereo Groups (depending on number of FX sends in use). Play around with the Mixer Config menu until you find the right balance.

Another suggestion is to look at reducing the number of Auxes used for the Aviom system: typically some of the sends to a personal monitor are single sources (lead vocal etc), you could use a Direct Out for this instead of an Aux, freeing up more busses.

If the budget allows, replacing your Avioms with ME-1s would be the ultimate solution. ME-1 can mix up to 40 sources (plus Aux In and Ambient mic) and submix locally into groups, saving up busses at the desk.

Hope this helps.