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Thanks dhak for your precise answer.

You use both desks? so you may be maybe answer my question about sound quality? I read on another thread here that when recording via a computer the very low end (below 80Hz) is filtered (reduced). I will use that desk only for studio use (no move) and for me sound quality is the first factor, so when I read things like this 80Hz filtering, I dont think it is the way to go full digital for me.
I am definitely an OTB passionate with hardware lexicon reverbs, spl preamps and so on (although I am also crazy about uad audio plugins 🙂 … so I can not say I come with nothing … If I had no hardware, the QU series will be perfect, that’s true …

Could you please fill the ….. ? I really need your position compared to the Mackie

Thanks in advance 🙂