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It’s a kind bizar because in live situations it’s the opposite. The sound has more “balls” than my old Midas, but when I record, I clearly can hear that there is some kind of loss in depth. When I check the analyzer, I also can see that the frequencies below 80Hz are a bit reduced. The overall sound quality is very good. Everything sounds very clear and bright but in my opinion with a lack/loss of depth. I can compensate this by EQing but I prefer not to do this because it’s always a guess how much depth I have to compensate to have the same sound colour when playbacking after recording…

For recording I use a Tascam SS CDR 200. I used the same Tascam with my old Midas.

But a very quick test learned me when I record with Qu-Drive (heard disk and internal recorder of the Qu) I don’t have that problem.