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Of course we have a “bias”. We chose this product from among the others. FWIW, I own and use other consoles, both digital and analog so I have a personal frame of reference. As someone who has used such products for the last 50+ years I’ve seen things come and go. I used Presonus mixers for a few years but divested my stock due to reliability and customer support issues.

As I said before it makes no difference to me what you choose. But I expect any serious “discussion” to include all salient and applicable conditions in the first post, not to encounter them as piecemeal refutations of or objections to any replies to the initially presented scenario. Otherwise it becomes just another passive/aggressive internet forum exercise in trollery.

I do understand the church/HOW market, having done installs and training as a part of my business. I can truly state that IME the budgets involved typically expand to cover what is wanted but seldom to cover what’s actually needed. I hope you’re not stuck in that.

Good luck…but don’t hold your breath waiting for the marketplace offerings to dovetail with your personal ideas of right and wrong.