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To give you some context….

I was one of the main decision makers for replacing our church desk about 6 years ago (after an incident with drinks) and we decided to remain analogue. 2-3 years ago we refurbished the building, and other factors (mainly the desire for a PA desk that could be put away to provide a multifunction room) meant that we went digital.
At the time we made the “right” decision for us, and got a Roland M300.
I don’t think I would make the same decision now – the world of digital mixers has moved on, and the price is too high, the only USP is the awesome remote control of the M48 personal monitors (ME-1 equivalent), but since those are ~£800 a pop it’s not a feature I’ve ever played with…

Another church I have a reasonable amount of contact with has recently (~1 year maybe) got a Behringer X32, and they are happy with that – fixed mix position, analogue multicore – it was a drop in replacement when their 25+ year old mixer died. They are still happy with it, and I’ve had a bit of a play on it – it’s not a bad board at all.

Buying for myself, I replaced a Behringer DDX3216 which I’d used for a number of years. I was running out of auxes and the entire rig was a bit heavy and cumbersome.

However cost was a serious factor. I’ve split the cost with a friend who runs a hire company. We split the revenue from hiring the desk, and have personal use free.
This meant that we spent a long while discussing what to get, and from which manufacturer. In the end the workflow of the desk, and reputation of the A&H brand won the day, and I don’t regret that decision at all.

If I was *just* buying for myself, then I’d be sorely tempted by the QuPac (I was sorely tempted by the X32 Rack last year), since I do almost all of my work from QuPad – as it is I am hoping that the QuPac will result in upgrades to QuPad in terms of FX and talkback control, but having the full control surface is essential from the hire half of the deal.


Depending on your church scenario:
– Are you replacing a desk in place, retaining analogue multicore infrastructure to a fixed position?
– Are you refurbishing and looking to make the space more flexible?
– Are you running a team of dedicated and competent volunteers, or a paid tech director?

I’d suggest that remote control comes way down the list of requirements in most churches, and that most desks now provide “enough” remote control, even if it costs an extra £199 for the base model iPad.

Look for channel count, look at what style of worship you anticipate over then next 10-15 years, look at auxes – loops, foyer feeds, recording systems, monitor mixes, video feeds?

Look at digital multicore options, look at positioning in the building. Look at acoustic treatment and speakers/processors/amps…