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Well, it’s always nice to get more information regarding your concerns and issues in decision making, but it’s a bit discouraging to be informed of such issues AFTER addressing the initial question. How were we to know that it was a multi-user situation with budget limitations until now? This presents a whole ‘nother set of issues having less to do with the thread title than one would wish.

If it comes down to budget and having to utilize existing gear that’s another discussion. As to the Firewire/USB issues:

Firewire is history. There’s a reason why it has been dropped by manufacturers of audio and computers and relegated to the dustbin of history. I’ve owned and used Presonus stuff with Firewire and can express the result in one word: unreliable.

The Qu USB “just works” as the old saying goes.

Go ahead and do your best. It doesn’t matter to me what you buy and use. I’ve made my choice after going through the decision making process to have the most workable, reliable and dependable/robust system for the money having selected Qu for my business.

It’s a large part of how I make my living. For recreational and church use you probably can get along with less.