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Dick, when you are dealing with a non-profit organization such as a church, cost is always a major consideration. So adding the cost of a PC into the price of a mixer is not trivial. In addition, volunteers don’t always have the time or ability to learn a new computer system, so it is important to stay with what they know, if possible. However, I do agree that the mixer and it’s features and performance are the important things.

As to the USB matter, as I have been evaluating mixers, I get information from various sources regarding this. One place is the Presonus web site. Here is one article: Should I choose a FireWire or USB audio interface? (My first attempt to post a link – hope it works!) The basic advantages of Firewire are listed as (1) FireWire streams data rather than packets data, (2) FireWire is typically dedicated for audio/video purposes, thus avoiding interference from other services or hardware on your system, and (3) FireWire devices have the ability to cascade or daisy-chain components. The writer then gives some disadvantages of Firewire, which basically boil down to better compatibility of USB and its lower cost. Bandwidth, which USB3 has in spades, is not the whole issue.

I don’t seem to find as much technical information on the A&H site. In forums like this, you get all kinds of opinions, many not completely spelled out and backed up with resources. You say, for example, that the USB argument has been thoroughly debunked, but give no references. A participant on another A&H thread mentions problems he’s been having with USB, so who is one to believe?

I have a Firewire 800 card in my Windows desktop that is required for a Presonus mixer I use with one organization I support, and I use USB with another smaller mixer. Both work for my purposes, but my laptop does not support Firewire, so I can’t use it with the Presonus for recording, but can use it via ethernet for control of the console. Can’t do that with a QU-series mixer. Most laptops, if equipped with Firewire, only support FW400, but Presonus requires FW800, so multi-channel recording may be problematic with an inexpensive PC laptop and a Presonus mixer. At least A&H makes it possible to do multi-channel recording to a USB hard-drive or SSD. So, personally speaking, I’m on the fence with this issue.

I agree with the thought expressed by a participant in another thread who lamented the fact that A&H is missing a large pool of possible users by not supporting Windows as a console interface.