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Joe Hinkens

I attended NAMM on Friday and visited the A&H booth. It was really nicely done. I was surprised to see the price cuts on the GLD and I think the QU series was discounted as well. But my thoughts were what a great value for those in the market now. I bought my GLD80 and AR2412 a couple years ago and I couldn’t be happier. I hear the same from the folks I’ve met who purchased the QU series. Compared to everything else on the market when I purchased mine, I thought the GLD was a great value and still do. After using it for a couple years, I’ve learned to appreciate it even more. I’ve added the AB168’s and the versatility continues to blossom. I see folks paying the same price (or close to it) for products without anything even close to the features and functionality built into the GLD. Many of the users out there have more experience with a variety of other products than I do, and therefor their opinion could trump mine. But I’m so pleased with the A&H user interface, robust features and functionality, dependability, and solid value, I’ll probably be hanging out under the A&H banner for a long time.